About me

Hi guys!

The name is Danielle. Lives in the beautiful country of Philippines and a young adult aged lady. I started reading when I was first year in college. My friends encourage me to read books, and if you wonder what will be the first book I’ve read, it’s the Fifty Shades of Grey, I know it’s kind of disturbing for the starters but it helps me to read more books. After adult-erotic reading, I’ve changed the genre in to YA contemporaries then to fantasy, horror themed and mental illness, it is weird right?

I started reviewing in Tumblr then to Instagram then change to a real blog. So this is why I am made. I stated blogging last year June 2015 and stop for 8 months because of load work and I have to drop. But now, I’ve decide to continuing my blog since I’ve already started and I put a lot of effort to make this blog so yeah why not review again to share my thoughts to the readers.

So I hope that I won’t disappoint you with in this blog (but of course that is included) and have a comment if you have any suggestion or anything regarding books or if you just want to drop to say hi!



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