July Wrap Up Event: Amy and Andrea in PH

Yeah guys! What I’ve said last time I will share my experience for another book signing event here in the Philippines! Sorry for posting this really late, I’m only post on weekends 😦

I’ve met another awesome authors last July 3 at Shangri-La Plaza, Madaluyong. Me and my friends have to stay like 10pm Saturday evening and do camping outside the mall entrance (it’s not new for us!). Every book signing we always tend to do this! Showing how excited are we to see the authors. The long we wait, the long the line too! 😀

Once we got inside, The NBS (National Book Store), giving us signing passes and lucky, they gave us EpicReads tote bag! 😀 Which is really awesome and helpful since we have a lot of books to carry! (THANK YOU EPICREADS!)


It’s time to wait again to meet the authors at 2PM and everything is worth to wait! We waited like almost 17 hours(?) to see the authors! Both of them are cute and gorgeous in person. They always smile at the crowd and answering various questions from the crowd. It is a really fun and exciting meet up for the authors 😀

The most exciting part in this event is to see the closer up close and signing your personal copy of books! You can actually talk to them and share your feelings to them! They are so great and friendly! (PS: I hugged both of them even the organizers didn’t want it! :DD) Amy and Andrea, both of them are friendly meeting their readers! They will compliment you and you have nothing to say because you are nervous and out of words when they start talking!

I’m so grateful to meet these beautiful authors!

We also meet new friends along the way to the signing event 😀

Overall, I’ve got a tote bag from the EpicReads and books signed by the two amazing authors!



Who’s gonna be the next author/s will be coming here in the Philippines?! Another book journey awaits for us bookworms!




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