I’m sorry :(

Hi Guys! I know I’ve been silent for couple of months and didn’t have post any updates for my blog. Since I’ve been travelling a lot lately due to work loads and I didn’t have a perfect time to read books and update my blog. I’m really sorry for making this difficult to my viewers and readers! So pretty please bear with me and I’ll make it up to you all in no time!

How are you all? I mean, before I post a recap about my book signing event, I just wanted you to know that I will be keep in touch in whatever event or whatever happenings in my book life. I have been book slump in months and it’s hard for me to find a way to read. I read some books but all of them are just half way and didn’t find them finishing it. Urgh. It is so lazy of me now and because i’m really busy in my work. And it also come to my mind to stop my blog 😦

But hey, don’t worry, I still wanted to share my book thoughts and my book events that I’m attending in every single event that I belong too 😀

In good partssss, (making exciting news) first, I always keep updating my bookstagram which reaches 400 followers just recently! Yehey! I’m planning to have a international giveaway when I reach 500 and more! Secondly, I’m trying to improve my writing and reading skill. So i read like two books in a week and trying to finish them off during my vacant times so sooner or later, I will definitely post reviews of the books I read this past few months 😀 and last but not the least, I already started joining subscription boxes internationally! Yey! I started subscribing Fairyloot just yesterday and gladly before they announce that they are out of stock i totally have a guts to buy the August theme, DARK DEEDS!

So again guys, I’m truly and terribly sorry for not updating and next to this post that I will be posting the book signing event happened last July 3!

Thank you so much guys even though I’m not updating a lot, you didn’t bother to unfollow my blog thru out my journey. I promise to make it up to you 😉

Love, D


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